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Janki Dass Rice Mills

Basmati Rice Manufacturer and Exporter

Janki Dass Rice Mills, a pioneering name in the rice industry with a legacy that spans five decades.

Our journey began in 1972 with a profound commitment to excellence and a deep rooted passion for rice. JDRM has garnered immense love from customers across 45+ countries, transcending boundaries and enriching culinary experiences globally.

We Have Many Happy Clients All Over World Wide

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Vision and Values

We envision a world where Basmati Rice is cherished and trusted in every corner of the globe.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a leading manufacturer and marketer of rice products, good nice for our commitment, to quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction. We strive to produce and promote our premium Basmati Rice products globally, upholding our founder's legacy of excellence and trust.


Satisfied Customers


Our Processes

Right from the first step – paddy being unloaded from a lorry to the last step – bags being packed, the entire process is automatic.

Research & Development

Janki Dass Rice Mill has the most advanced research and development laboratory in the industry. Our Research and Development department brings together a team of experienced rice professionals including farmers & research scientists alike, who are making efforts to blend a wealth of traditional knowledge with modern know-how and technology to improve pre & post harvesting techniques.


  • A Team Of Experienced Rice Professionals Including Farmers

  • Who Are Making Efforts To Blend A Wealth

  • Traditional Knowledge With Modern Know-how And Technology


Rice has been the most staple food through the history of mankind. And with hundreds of rice varieties to choose from, it is quality that separates the best from the rest. Paddy is sourced directly from farmers thereby cancelling out middlemen, enabling us to transfer the cost advantage to our customers. Great quality with optimal moisture (14-16%) is the criteria for selection.


  • Selection Of Pure And Top Grade Paddy

  • Pays A Premium To Get Best Produce

  • Direct Purchase From Farmers

Paddy cleaning

Rice milling equipment from Satake, Japan helps in choosing only the best from the sourced paddy. Dirt and unwanted stuff is removed from the paddy and it is cut to the desired length with the advanced Fowler Westrup paddy cleaner machine. The bag filter for dust collection has been procured from Dustven Pvt. Ltd.


  • Advanced Machinery Helps Choose The Best Paddy

  • Bag Filter System Used To Collect Dust

  • Complete Dust Free Working Environment


The surplus rice, to be transported later, is stored in Fowler We strup silos. A silo has a capacity of up to 50,000 bags enabling round the year production and reducing wastage of grain.


  • 50,000 Bag Capacity Silo

  • All Year Round Production

  • Wastage Of Grain Reduced


The protective husk is then separated from the rice using the modern gravity selector from Satake, Japan.


  • Modern Machinery From Japan To De-husk

Whitening and Polishing

Evenly milled, higher yield rice is obtained courtesy of the state of the art milling chamber. The desired degree of whiteness and polishing is then reached.


  • State-of-the-art Milling Chamber

  • Evenly Milled

  • High Yield Rice Obtained


The next step, length and thickness grading, removes foreign seeds, different in size, from the good product. Colour grading then cancels out the lot that varies in colour from the ideal ones.


  • Advanced Grading Machinery

  • Removed Foreign Substances

  • Colour Grader Used To Maintain Quality

Quality Control

Authorised representatives of our company travel extensively through the paddy fields during harvest season and care is taken to see that only the best available paddy is purchased. The paddy purchased is properly dried, transported and stocked in the paddy warehouses. In our hi-tech milling plant every stage conforms to the international standards and stringent guidelines of process control and meticulously checked at every stage to ensure uniformity of grain without destroying basic quality of grain.


  • World class state-of-the-art Modern Computerised

  • Automatically Controlled Inflow And Outflow System

  • Plants Are Equipped With Most Modern Pre-cleaners,

Packing & Distribution

The final rice product is then packed into durable bags, on modern lines, and loaded onto trucks.


  • Packed In Durable Bags

  • Use Of Modern Technology

  • On-Time Delivery

Why Choose us JDRM

At JDRM, we take immense pride in offering a diverse range of premium basmati and non-basmati rice, meticulously sourced and processed to retain their natural flavors and nutritional goodness.

Grain Quality

Our rice is procured from selected farms across North India, and a sophisticated manufacturing process ensures good grain quality.

Grain Variety

To cater to different types of consumers and for varied purposes, we have a wide range of rice products on offer.

Quality Process

The company follows strict quality checks and assurances to ensure that every grain of rice is impeccable and filled with goodness.

Health Benefits

The staple food of North India, rice, is energy-rich, has a high nutritional value and is enriched with essential vitamin.

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Our Flagship Brand.

The Ultimate Basmati

Excellent Services

Service is the extent to which a service meets the customers needs and expectations.

Competitive Price

Our company’s biggest agenda is to give a competitive price against our competitors.

Quality Work

All our organised and sustained efforts are driven towards providing the customers.

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