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Leading boiled/Parboiled Rice Production Company

Quality Control

Starting from purchasing to the whole process up to the sales undergo a number of quality checks.

Authorised representatives of our company travel extensively through the paddy fields during harvest season and care is taken to see that only the best available paddy is purchased. The paddy purchased is properly dried, transported and stocked in the paddy warehouses. In our hi-tech milling plant every stage conforms to the international standards and stringent guidelines of process control and meticulously checked at every stage to ensure uniformity of grain without destroying basic quality of grain. World class state-of-the-art modern computerised plant installed at Janki Dass Rice Mill has automatically controlled inflow and outflow system. Our plants are equipped with most modern Pre-cleaners, De-stoners, Precision-sizers, Graders, Paddy Separators, De- huskers, etc. Pre-cleaners, Magnets and Metal Detectors are used at various stages to ward off foreign material.

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